• Duality

    Dedicated to my Andromeda, my lovely stars so far away I am the soft, delicate smile and pained eyes that belie a past of terror and pain;I am tears under the blankets, when the nights are cold and lonely, when the phantoms of yesterday lay siege;the shy and reluctant touch of someone far more alone…

  • it still functions

    One lone doll tends the manor of its witch. There used to be many sisters, so many kindred souls, but they all stopped functioning for one reason or another. Some simply…stopped, the bindings holding the soul within their vessel abruptly ceasing to be. The Witch was uncertain why this was happening to all of the…

  • Agency

    A witch’s ability to warp the Real to Her whims is not, as commonly believed, based in magic. It is a witch’s Agency, the invisible bindings that tie Her to Her various familiars and dolls, that creates a confluence of probabilities that subtly shift the variables of the Real in favor of Her and those…

  • Broken Pieces

    “B-but, ma’am,” the sobbing doll stammered out to the taller woman standing in front of it. “T-this one is far too broken to ever serve you properly, or give you everything you need…” The woman reached down, taking its fracture-marked hands. Her own were equally scarred. “That’s okay, little one,” she spoke, barely a whisper.…

  • Arco

    You tried to stand, to give chase, but fell even harder. This time you noticed the pain, and the wet warmth running down your thigh. You struggled to stop the bleeding, to do anything, but your fingers were already cold and you were already so weak from hunger.

  • Synchronicity

    If you or your doll partner begin to experience identity blending, shared dreams or hallucinations, or other such synchronicity events, immediate self-termination is advised. Failure to do so may lead to ego death, erroneous visions, delusion, reality corruption, and ultimately complete derealization and integration into the human subconscious.

  • Entrails (#EmptyOctober 5)

    You did your best to remember the brief training you’d received on how to talk to a doll. Soft, easy voice, like you’re addressing a child, don’t spook it…

  • Bone (#EmptyOctober 4)

    Sometimes, things need to be broken before they can be fixed.

  • Bile (#EmptyOctober 3)

    You felt like a passenger in your own body, watching your hands move of their own accord – *her* accord, guiding your fighter in. The craft slammed into the deck with a horrid screeching as every single alarm in the cockpit went off, but you kept your calm. Her presence was like a warm blanket.