Month: May 2022

  • A Somber Duty

    This wasn’t to be a duel, but a slaughter. Simply exterminating vermin, and exacting just a slight bit of vengeance. She had firsthand experience with what he’d done to her darling doll, the sheer damage to her mind and soul that would never truly heal.

  • A Worthy Weapon

    One misstep. That’s all it took. You barely caught the sight of…something…materializing from shadow in her hand, before a blindingly hot pain in your chest and a sickening crunch.

  • A Weapon’s Reward

    Victory is to be rewarded, after all. It is a good weapon.

  • A Weapon’s Worship

    “And tell me, how does a weapon show its love?”

  • Still Her

    I never was one to say no to her like this…