Month: July 2022

  • Vessel

    A combat doll is simply a vessel containing barely restrained urges, and it won’t hesitate to let those loose when commanded. Ever seen one go feral on its witch? It’s a good thing they’re functionally immortal. The dolls have a bloodlust in more than just a murderous way, and you do not want to interrupt…

  • The First Witch

    They say to not treat your dolls like people. There’s a point to that. They don’t think like people, they don’t act like it, they’re on a fundamentally different level. But they do have feelings. They were humans once, and already terrified and traumatized ones at that.

  • Pair-Bonded

    Sharing your partner’s every intimate thought and desire lends itself to altering both selves into a blended amalgam of the two, a swirling pool of thoughts where there used to be two distinct beings.

  • dear combat doll

    Prompt by dear combat doll “Come back intact this time, dear. That’s an order, understood?”“Yes, ma’am!” The doll acknowledged, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically, drawing the attention of a couple of nearby troopers who regarded the pair with equal parts unease and distaste. Still, no one could deny the efficacy of allowing doll-handler fraternization…

  • terrible combat doll

    Prompt by terrible combat doll “Ma’am, let me get this straight. You repurposed a civilian assistant doll into a combat doll?““Yes.”“…that’s a fucking terrible idea. It’s your funeral though, I guess.”“Whatever. Am I dismissed, major?” Fucking witches. It’s not like he could pull rank on her. The witches had their own structure and were…

  • Grey Goo Girlfriend

    Who needs a neural interface when she can just bypass the blood-brain barrier – edit out some troublesome thoughts, add new ones…

  • Not a Whisper, but a Roar

    Alerts blared across the HUD and in the cockpit. She dismissed them with a flick of her eyes, taking stock of the damage and summarily ignoring it. The only thing that mattered is the main gun was still operational, and she could still turn. That was good.