Month: November 2022

  • On “Brands,” Advertising, and Queer Small Business

    It’s not enough that we barely make money, it’s not enough that we put everything we can back into the community, it’s not enough that the whole queer independent business sphere is essentially passing the same couple of hundreds back and forth. There’s some people who really are so taken and obsessed with the idea of living in a moneyless utopia that they refuse to see the reality that we live in and the fact that we need to eke out a living in this hypercapitalist hellscape. And they’re absolutely being vindictive about it.

  • Synchronicity

    If you or your doll partner begin to experience identity blending, shared dreams or hallucinations, or other such synchronicity events, immediate self-termination is advised. Failure to do so may lead to ego death, erroneous visions, delusion, reality corruption, and ultimately complete derealization and integration into the human subconscious.