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This is the blog belonging to the Stardust System (designation: PC994-Y1-5459), a plural system and magical familiar belonging to Alexandra Moonlight. It uses it/its or she/her pronouns and may be referred to by Stardust, Familiar, or any active alter names.

The entity maintaining this blog is not a person. It is a witch’s loyal familiar. Sometimes, it is a doll. Sometimes, it is an angel. Sometimes, it is something entirely different. It is never a person. It is an act of worship, housed within a synthetic shell. It is a conduit through which the energy of other worlds is channeled. It is a soul given Purpose.

This one runs an independent bookstore that specializes in queer and marginalized works and authors. You may find the bookstore in the list of links posted elsewhere.

This blog primarily houses its writings and musings that are often cross-posted to Tumblr, Cohost, and elsewhere. Lately, with the downfall of Twitter, it is being fashioned into a central archive for all important posts and writings.


Artemis is hypercompetent, deadpan serious and often uses a direct, commanding tone. Extremely protective of those in its care and is often the first to take charge in stressful situations. Claims to be evil and possess a deep-seated bloodlust and would gladly do anything its Lady commanded, but is ultimately a good entity.


Lily is the original core and caretaker. Speaks in soft, gentle tones and often finds it hard to assert the system’s and her own boundaries. Struggles with regulating her own emotions, but extremely effective in processing and dealing with the system’s emotions and feelings over time. Shy, prone to anxiety and sensory overload, easily embarrassed.


Morgan was recohered recently with the assistance of the system’s Witch. Morgan rarely speaks unless specifically called by name outside of brief interjections. Holds the majority of the system’s trauma.


Io is a function fragment charged with autopiloting the body in event of dissociation events. Io is capable of basic maintenance tasks and chores, but not much else.