Category: Micro Fiction (<100 words)

  • Duality

    Dedicated to my Andromeda, my lovely stars so far away I am the soft, delicate smile and pained eyes that belie a past of terror and pain;I am tears under the blankets, when the nights are cold and lonely, when the phantoms of yesterday lay siege;the shy and reluctant touch of someone far more alone…

  • Bone (#EmptyOctober 4)

    Sometimes, things need to be broken before they can be fixed.

  • suburban combat doll

    Prompt by Please don’t take retired combat dolls to the suburbs. Not only will they probably pick fights with your local HOA for one reason or another, but they still need proper stimulation and your neighbors may complain! They need proper enrichment – either the excitement and busy environment of urban living, or having…

  • dear combat doll

    Prompt by dear combat doll “Come back intact this time, dear. That’s an order, understood?”“Yes, ma’am!” The doll acknowledged, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically, drawing the attention of a couple of nearby troopers who regarded the pair with equal parts unease and distaste. Still, no one could deny the efficacy of allowing doll-handler fraternization…

  • A Weapon’s Reward

    Victory is to be rewarded, after all. It is a good weapon.

  • A Weapon’s Worship

    “And tell me, how does a weapon show its love?”